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Swimming Pool Maintenance in Boca Raton

When the hot weather hits, you should be able to jump into your pool, no questions asked. If you've admittedly neglected your pool for awhile, you may need swimming pool services from Wholesale Pools and Spa Depot. Without regular maintenance or a good cleaning before you jump in, your pool may not be suitable for anyone to be in and can even pose a health threat. Make sure your pool is summer ready by giving us a call!

Over 20 Years of Experience

Wholesale Pool and Spa Depot Inc has been in business for over two decades now. The current owner first acquired the Deerfield location 16 years ago and then acquired the Boca Raton location five years ago. We help customers of all ages, from 20 to 80. We want you to be able to enjoy your pool and not run into any trouble. We do everything but build the pool for you, so we're your one-stop shop for pool services!

Licensed and Insured

To maintain the condition of your pool is a very difficult thing to do, so don't try to handle it yourself or hire an amateur for your pool maintenance. Instead, hire Wholesale Pool and Spa Depot Inc, where we are licensed and insured. All of our staff members are highly trained to handle all sorts of pool services, such as changing and installing pool filter, doing pump repairs, and performing proper pool cleaning for you.

Excellent Troubleshooting

We easily surpass Pinch-a-Penny and Master Touch Pools, our competitors in the area. Why? We have prime locations and we are conditioned to helping with any need you have. You can text us with any problems you have and even send pictures of your problems to us so we can help you better over the phone. With such excellent troubleshooting services, you'll get instant help on your pool problems.
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